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Homes Alive Pets

Homes Alive Pets is family owned and operated, and has been serving pets and pet lovers in Canada for over 30 years.

” We believe in equipping you with the knowledge, tools and pet supplies you need to care for your animals. Not only are we Canadian, we are proud to be a business that participates and gives back to our communities. We offer local and regional brands. We participate with local shelters and rescues. We really are a part of your community, and you are a part of ours.”



The Story

Homes Alive is a family owned and operated business, operated by a father-son duo (Leon & Evan). Although Homes Alive Pets is only 6 years old, we have a long history in the pet industry. In 1974, Eldon (Leon’s father) had a fondness for pets. He began breeding Rough Collies, and canaries and sold pet and craft supplies out of his garage in Duchess, Alberta. He expanded the business to a shopping mall in Brooks in 1976, and continued to operate this business under the name “Ropp’s Pet & Hobby”. 

Fast forward to today and there are 4 Homes Alive Pets locations in Alberta to serve you. With fantastic knowledgeable staff, hundreds of brands and an online store to serve all your pet needs!


Homes Alive Pets


4 locations to serve you in Alberta



Contact Us
3185 Theatre Road,
Cranbrook, BC V1C 7B8
Telephone: (250) 417-0487
Email: info@petsgoraw.ca