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It all began with a loveable pair of Shiba Inus, owned by the Laurie family. When they switched their dogs from a conventional kibble diet to a raw diet, they were blown away by the changes in their dogs health. A raw food diet gave them more energy, better coat conditions, and they were overall happier. But the Laurie's weren't satisfied with the retail products they could find. So they started to learn everything they could about raw food and began to experiment and refine their own recipes, so they could provide optimal nutrition for their dogs.

Their focus was to create nutritious meals that could be fed to dogs of any age, from mature to weaning young puppies. Soon friends and acquaintances, seeing the changes in the Shiba Inus, started asking for the food. The Lauries realized they had something special, and they needed to share it with all pet owners. It was time for Pets Go Raw.

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Today, Pets Go Raw is a thriving business. Located in Cranbrook, BC, our goal is to make raw food more accessible to anyone who wants to try it. We stand out from other raw foods flooding the market, by producing top-quality raw pet food, at a reasonable price. We take pride in our recipes and how they contribute to keeping pets healthy and happy all across BC. If your local store doesn't carry us, ask for Pets Go Raw!
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Our philosophy is simple... Literally!

Using only simple human-grade ingredients and fresh fruit and vegetables in the recipes.

Make it simple to put in a dish - no messy squeezing and pushing the meal out of awkward packaging.

Using simple, economic packaging so all the value is in the ingredients and not the fancy packaging.

We are constantly striving to produce great products that promote optimal pet health, giving you the very best pet food possible!

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