Dog Food

All Pets Go Raw products start with government-inspected, human-quality, muscle meat as a foundation. Our recipes then build on this foundation with the addition of beneficial ingredients such as organ meats, vegetables, fruits, farm-fresh eggs and kelp.

Our pet food is finely ground for easy digestibility and full absorption of nutrients. No by-products, grains, meal, or fillers are used—just good, wholesome fresh food.

At pets go raw we believe in a diverse diet of biologically appropriate raw food that should include a variety of muscle meats, organ meats, vegetables, fruits, and bones. Pets Go Raw recipes that are sure to offer your furry family members the premium nutrition they require to live long, healthy, and happy lives. Our meal lines that contain %75 muscle meat and %25 other whole-food ingredients. For the raw food chef that would rather create their own recipes, we have foundation ingredients available. For more detailed information on each product line including ingredients, nutritional information, and package sizes available please see below.


For additional information about our food and the raw food movement, in general, please follow the link to our Learning Centre.

How much to feed your dog

Generally, mature dogs should be fed about 2% of their ideal body weight and puppies about 5%. You can look at the graphs below, or go straight to our Food Calculator that will help you figure out exactly how much muscle meat you need to feed your cat or dog every day.


Mature dog

25-lb dog = 0.5 lb per day

50-lb dog = 1 lb per day

75-lb dog = 1.5 lbs per day

100-lb dog = 2 lbs per day



10-lb dog = 0.5 lb per day

20-lb dog = 1 lb per day

30-lb dog = 1.5 lb per day

40-lb dog = 2 lb per day

(Feed your puppy until it is full grown 1 yr for a small or medium dog or 2 yrs for a larger breed)

Tips to keep in mind:

Keep an eye on weight gain or loss and adjust food intake accordingly.
Active dogs and dogs with a higher metabolism may need more food, while seniors often need less.
Use the rib test often. You should be able to readily feel your dog’s ribs, but they should have some flesh on them, and not be too pronounced.

Puppies and young dogs should be fed about 5% of their body weight. Like all young creatures, puppies grow in “fits and starts” that requires constant adjustments, feeding more when in a growth spurt and less when not.
Watch your pets’ weight and condition and adjust amounts accordingly.

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