Benelli (Bennie for short)

Benelli and Carly

Pet Name: Benelli (Bennie for short)
Pet Age: 10 weeks
Breed: Labrador Retriever (Eromit Labrador Retrievers, Quesnel)
Weight: 15lbs of puppy legs and wiggles
SAR Profile: Training in Wilderness Search and Wilderness Tracking
Favourite Thing: Bennie is enthusiastic about life; every day is the best day ever! He particularly enjoys tracking and playing tug, currently.
Owner Name: Carly Trobridge
Owner Age: 43
Favourite Thing: Time in the forest with my dogs and family
BC Search Dog Association
Treasurer, Past President
Nanaimo Search and Rescue
President, SAR Technician, K9 Handler with validated SAR K9 ‘Hazel’, Team Leader, Search Manager, Advanced Medical, Winter Response

A Strong Career

Carly is a dedicated and experienced search and rescue (SAR) dog handler with over 9 years of service in the field. She began her career in SAR in 2015 and serves with Nanaimo Search and Rescue as a Dog Handler, Team Leader, Search Manager, and Advanced Medical & Winter Response team member. With a background in financial services, Carly brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the executive board of Nanaimo Search and Rescue, where she serves as President, and BC Search Dog Association, where she serves as Past-President and Treasurer.

Throughout her career, Carly has been involved in a variety of search and rescue missions, including wilderness searches, disaster responses, medical rescues, and missing person cases. Her commitment to teamwork, safety, and continuous learning ensures that both her and her dogs are always ready to respond to emergencies.

How Bennie Got His Start

Certified through the RCMP Police Dog Services via the BC Search Dog Association, Carly has participated in numerous training programs and real-life rescue operations as a Dog Handler. She works closely with her current canine partner, Hazel, a highly trained 9-year-old Labrador Retriever known for her exceptional scent detection and tracking abilities. In the Spring of 2024 Carly decided it was time to start considering training another SAR dog to follow in Hazel’s footsteps following retirement, and soon after brought home another Labrador Retriever, Benelli. Hazel and Benelli hail from the same breeder in Quesnel, BC, and share similar lineage with Hazel being Benelli’s “great aunt”.

Benelli has already begun training for his career in SAR and will attend the first step of formal certification by attending the BC Search Dog Association’s “puppy assessment” in September 2024. After considerable training, Carly expects Benelli will validate for the first time with the RCMP Police Dog Services in the fall of 2025, with Hazel retiring from active service soon after.

Down Time

When not on duty, Carly dedicates time to community education, raising awareness about the importance of SAR dogs, and training the next generation of handlers. She is passionate about fostering the human-canine bond and contributing to the safety and well-being of her community.

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